Why Urban Kitchen’s Low-Sugar Soups Are Good For Your Body

Why Urban Kitchen’s Low-Sugar Soups Are Good For Your Body

by Urban Kitchen Foods
8th March 2018

We all love a sprinkling of sugar every so often. Mary Poppins once sang that a spoonful of it helps the medicine go down and there’s no denying that the sweetness of sugar makes our taste buds tingle.

But that’s part of the problem. Sugar tastes so good that it makes out bodies crave more of it. If you eat too much sugar, you knock your body’s glucose levels out of whack. That causes a whole heap of problems in relation to weight and diabetes.

That’s why we’ve committed to creating low-sugar recipes for the Urban Kitchen range. Here are a few of the reasons why cutting out that sugary sweetness may be a good thing for your body.

Reason #1 – Better Skin

Most people don’t associate sugar consumption with the condition of their skin. However, several studies show that your skin suffers if you have a lot of sugar in your bloodstream.

It all boils down to something called glycation. The more sugar you eat, the more often this molecular process occurs. Unfortunately, glycation makes it harder for your body to repair its collagen, which leads to a loss of elasticity in your skin. Those wrinkles may be less a sign of ageing and more a sign that you need to stop eating so much sugar.

Thankfully, other studies suggest that cutting sugar from your diet prevents this collagen-busting effect, which means going sugar-free keeps you looking younger.

Reason #2 – More Stable Moods

We’ve all heard of the sugar high. It’s that sensation you get when you eat a lot of sugar. You feel full of energy, often to be the point of being almost hyperactive. That’s because the sugars in your blood have spiked.

The problem is the comedown. Because of this spike in blood sugar, your body releases insulin into your bloodstream. This counteracts the effects of the sugar, which can leave you feeling moody and weak. It can also lead to hunger pangs.

Simply put, consuming too much sugar has a huge effect on your mood. You’ll likely end up on an emotional rollercoaster if you don’t try to bring a little bit of balance to your diet.

Reason #3 – Better Teeth

Your mouth contains bacteria that absolutely loves sugar. The more you eat, the more this bacteria can thrive.

Unfortunately, a lot of the sugar you consume ends up on your teeth. This means that the bacteria also end up on your teeth. Plus, the sugar means that it grows. This leads to the build-up of plaque, which means more cavities and tooth decay problems. It also means that your teeth don’t like as sparkly and white as they should.

Reason #4 – Lower Diabetes Risk

This is the big one for most people. Consuming too much sugar forces your body to produce more insulin. Eventually, you’re going to create an imbalance that your body just can’t keep up with. That leads to Type-2 diabetes, which is a chronic lifetime condition that will force you to change your diet.

We’re not saying that you should never eat sugar. However, as with all things, moderation is the key. Happily, Urban Kitchens is here to help you. Enjoy one of the soups from our range if you’re looking for a low-sugar meal that’s full of nutritional goodness.