Why We Love Cannellini Beans

Italian Style Vegetable Soup With Cannellini Beans

Why We Love Cannellini Beans

by Urban Kitchen Foods
25th February 2018

Most of the Urban Kitchen soup range uses a couple of fresh ingredients. However, our Italian Style Vegetable Soup goes slightly overboard, but in a good way. It contains NINE vegetables, with a few herbs and spices thrown in for good measure.

Cannellini beans are one of the most important ingredients in the soup. It’s also the ingredient that you’re least likely to recognise. Because of this, we’ve decided to take a closer look at this amazing vegetable to show you why we love it.

They’re Weight Busters

Beans, in general, are known as being great for those who are on a diet. They have low calorie counts, in addition to creating a full feeling when you eat them. This feeling prevents you from snacking during the day, which means you don’t consume calories that your body doesn’t really need.

Cannellini beans are among the most effective beans around for those who are looking to lose weight. This is because they are alpha-amylase inhibitors. Alpha-amylase is what causes your body to absorb carbohydrates quickly. If they’re active, you lose that full-up feeling you get whenever you eat.

Cannellini beans slow the carb absorption process down so much that they’ve even been used in a number of weight loss supplements.

The Regulate Blood Sugars

Those same inhibitors have a secondary purpose. Because your body absorbs food slower, it also absorbs the sugars in those foods slower. This prevents the blood sugar spikes that can come with eating certain types of foods.

As a result, cannellini beans make a great addition to the diabetic diet. When combined with the right foods, they’ll help you to maintain control over your blood sugar levels so you’re not at risk of suffering from various issues.

Moreover, their high fibre content also means that there’s less risk of you developing diabetes. This means they’re a great addition to every diet.

They Guard Against Heart Disease

We mentioned high fibre being a cannellini bean plus point. It’s not just a good thing for regulating your blood pressure. High-fibre foods improve your digestive system and offer protection to your heart.

Here’s how it works. The beans reduce the production of triglycerides. Your body makes these whenever you have excess calories in your body. It stores them in fat, ready for release when your body needs them.

The problem comes when you eat more calories than your body burns for a long period of time. These triglycerides build up and enter your bloodstream. This raises your blood pressure and restricts the flow of blood to your heart.

A combination of the fibre and alpha-amylase inhibitors in cannellini beans slows the rate of triglyceride production. This offers long-term protection to your heart.

They Taste Great

Of course, the main reason that we use cannellini beans in our Italian Style Vegetable Soup is that they taste great. When combined with the many other ingredients that we use, you get an amazing soup that’s both healthy and tasty.

If you’re a bean lover, you’re sure to love our Italian Style Vegetable Soup. If you’re not, check out the rest of the Urban Kitchen range here.