Five Reasons Why You May Go Gluten-Free

Five Reasons Why You May Go Gluten-Free

by Urban Kitchen Foods
16th February 2018

Did you know that the entire Urban Kitchen range is gluten-free?

It’s true. We use completely fresh ingredients in all of our soups, plus we avoid using any wheat, rye, barley, or other ingredients that contain gluten. This means that our soups are fit for consumption for the widest audience possible.

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding the gluten-free label. Many people believe that it’s a trend, but that’s simply not the case. Here are five reasons why somebody may choose to go gluten-free.

Reason #1 – Celiac Disease

Approximately 1% of the population has celiac disease. This is an immune system condition which gluten triggers. Essentially, it causes your immune system to try to get rid of any gluten that enters your system.

In the short-term, this leads to inflammation and a variety of gut problems. You may also experience nausea and other issues.

But it’s the long-term issues that are the most troubling. This faulty immune response essentially attacks your small intestine. If you keep eating gluten when you’re celiac, you’ll eventually wear out the inner lining of the intestine. This prevents it from absorbing the nutrients from your food, leading to deficiencies that can cause major problems.

Reason #2 – Gluten Sensitivity

An even larger portion of the population has a gluten sensitivity, with some estimates claiming that this problem affects 10% of people.

Gluten sensitivity is not the same as celiac disease. Instead, it’s more like an allergic reaction. However, it does share many of the gut-related symptoms that come with celiac. Thankfully, it doesn’t lead to the same long-term damage.

You don’t have to go gluten-free if you have a sensitivity. However, doing so ensures you feel more comfortable and helps you to avoid some unpleasant symptoms.

Reason #3 – Gluten Ataxia

Of the medical conditions on this list, gluten ataxia is the rarest. It’s a neurological disorder that gluten triggers. If somebody with this condition eats gluten, they can’t maintain full control over their muscles.

This leads to random spasms and twitches. Some people may also develop tics. Cutting out gluten lowers the severity of these spasms and twitches. In fact, it often eliminates them altogether.

It’s important to point out that not all conditions that lead to loss of muscle control are related to gluten. It’s only this very specific form of ataxia that requires you to avoid gluten.

Reason #4 – Wheat Allergy

Wheat is the most populous crop in the world and it’s used in a huge amount of the food that we eat. It’s also a primary source of gluten.

Those with wheat allergies experience a range of reactions, up to anaphylactic shock in the most severe cases.

Those with the allergy don’t have to stop eating gluten. It’s only wheat that they’re allergic too. However, many cut gluten out of their diets because it simplifies things.

Reason #5 – Personal Reasons

So, why would somebody go gluten-free if they don’t have one of these medical conditions?

For some, going gluten-free is the pathway to a better diet. It requires you to pay more attention to the foods that you put into your body, plus you’ll eat a lot more fresh foods on a gluten-free diet.

Others believe that going gluten-free gives them more energy.

Whatever the reason may be, there are plenty of people who prefer gluten-free diets.

The entire Urban Kitchen range is completely free of gluten. Find out more by visiting our product pages.