Why Doesn’t Urban Kitchen Use Artificial Additives and Preservatives?

Why Doesn’t Urban Kitchen Use Artificial Additives and Preservatives?

by Urban Kitchen Foods
30th January 2018

It you check the Urban Kitchen website, you’ll notice that none of our convenient microwavable soup pots use and artificial additives and preservatives. This is because we want our product to be as good for you as possible. Artificial additives and preservatives take away from the natural goodness in our soups.

Moreover, they have a range of issues that could have effects on your health.

Allergic Reactions

Many people have allergies to the chemicals that are used in artificial additives and preservatives. Sulphites, in particular, have a habit of causing people to display various symptoms. These can include rashes, diarrhoea, and low blood pressure. In some cases, they can even lead to an anaphylactic shock.

We want you to know exactly what goes into our soups, which is why we avoid such artificial ingredients entirely. Many people don’t even know that they have an allergy to a preservative until they experience it. We don’t want to cause sensitive individuals any issues, so we keep our soups free of artificial ingredients.

Taking Away From Nature

While preservatives and additives may help food last longer, in addition to adding some different flavours, they also take away from the natural goodness of the food.

We take pride in the nutritional content of our soups. They serve as one of your five a day and we have certification from several vegetarian organisations. Using artificial preservatives takes away from these efforts and it means that you’re eating something that doesn’t need to be in your body.

Increased Heart Disease Risk

Many processed foods, especially meats, contain a lot of phosphates. When consumed in large amounts, phosphates can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

This is because they produce something called the FGF23 hormone. This hormone places a massive strain on the heart, especially when consumption of artificial ingredients leads to your body producing more than it needs.

Hormone Imbalances

We’ve pointed to a desire to ensure you don’t consume anything that your body needs when you eat out soups. Artificial preservatives can lead to hormone imbalances that affect how you feel. Over-consumption of artificial ingredients can lead to you feeling sluggish and slow. It affects your energy levels, which makes you less productive.

Hormone imbalances can also affect you in other ways. For example, some artificial ingredients act like synthetic estrogen, which can affect a woman’s fertility level.

Again, it’s all about keeping unnatural ingredients out of your body.

The Final Word

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that several artificial food additives and preservatives aren’t as beneficial as they would appear to be.

While they may allow you to store your food for longer, you’re potentially sacrificing your health for the privilege.

Instead, we want to make convenient products that also emphasise the use of fresh and natural ingredients.

Check out the Urban Kitchen range today. Our soups are in several major supermarkets, including Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. With us, you get all of the convenience of a microwave meal, with none of the issues that come from using artificial ingredients.